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Robin Parry (theologian and friend of Dr. Ramelli as well as author of The Evangelical Universalist in 2006 with a 2nd edition in 2012) has kindly agreed to help deliver these names, emails and messages in a batch to Dr. Ramelli after this signature collection ends on June 29, 2022.

Please contact for any reasons such as:

  • Ideas to improve this website for signature gathering.
  • How to best get the word out to Dr. Ramelli’s audience.
  • Questions that could be better answered on this admin page or in the admin notes at the bottom of the letter page.

The content of our letter cannot be changed, of course (with signature already being collected). However, it would be great to hear ideas for improvements regarding presentation, automation or security. We would also be glad to add other website administrators toward these ends. If more people join to form a website administrative team, we will all list our names here to further authenticate the privacy that we will maintain with any information in the signatures that we gather.

(This page was started by Jesse Hake of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, and he is currently administering it.)