Public Letter of Appreciation to Dr. Ilaria Ramelli

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Dear Dr. Ilaria Ramelli,

We the undersigned have each been reached and blessed in a meaningful way by your scholarly labors. We have read your books, listened to some of your lectures online or read and benefited from the many who cite your work in their own labors.

Not all of us are necessarily Christians, but we are all blessed by your public offerings. Naturally, the majority of us will share your love for the traditions and teachers of the Christian church over the years of her history. What all of us fully share, however, is a love and appreciation for your ongoing study—particularly of how the doctrine of apokatastasis went from a central tenet in the gospel message to being condemned and largely ignored for millennia.

We write in the solidarity of thankfulness for your skilled and generous labors. Those of us who pray, join with you in this way as well. May God sustain you in your work to complete the projects that you have underway.

We appreciate you and all that you have done in service of the history of the Christian faith.


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Dr. Ilaria Ramelli suffers from progressive scoliosis and immune deficiencies that can compromise her physical strength and ability to stand, walk, even sit, or combat infection. However, her scholarly work continues with a recent essay, for example, on the patristic sources of Eriugena’s protology and eschatology.

As a summary of some ongoing work that Dr. Ramelli has expressed the desire to continue, see this preface to A Larger Hope?: Universal Salvation from Christian Beginnings to Julian of Norwich by Ilaria L. E. Ramelli from 2019:

It (the Christian Doctrine of Apokatastasis) will be followed in due course, God willing, by two other scholarly monographs: one on non-Christian and pre-Christian philosophical concepts of apokatastasis, from ancient philosophy to late antique Platonism (Proclus, Damascius), and another on the political, theological, pastoral, ecclesiastical, social, historical, and even linguistic causes for the rejection of the doctrine of apokatastasis or universal restoration, in late antiquity, by the “Church of the Empire”—mainly under the influence of Justinian in the East and of Augustine in the West.

To learn more about Dr. Ramelli, see her profile at ORCID.

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